How do I close open proxies and ports?

smac693 used Ask the Experts™
My website is at IP address

Would someone please:
1.  Look at my IP address and website to tell me my vulnerabilities
2.  Tell me what tool you used to check for errors, ie. open proxies and ports
3.  Tell me how to close them

Thank so much!
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The reqeust you make is illegal. To scan you site for vulnerabilities you have to be the owner of the network. Give writen letters to a official pentester and make agrements on what the pentester is allowed to do.

I you just host you site. You will have to get a letter saying that you are authorised to hack of pentest ther network / server. So i dont think anybody is going to burn there fingers on your request.

A full pentest can cost you between $15000 and $30000 that is from begin to end included documents, legal agreement reports etc.

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