Need to turn Cat6 cable into a anologue (A and B) phone cable

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How do turn my Cat6 cable into a standard phone cable (A and B) in order to plug the CAT6 into the anologue phone?


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If you connect to the two center wires, those are the ones associated with your phone.  Move from the center out.  For instance, if you need two more you would take the two on either side of the two center wires.  

This site has some useful pictures to explain the pin-out..


-So I need to connect the 'Blue", White Blue" wires of my CAT6?
-If so which one goes to the "A" and which one goes to the "B"?

Bluewhite to Green and Blue to Red (if that's how yours is wired)
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Hi Ralph,

Thanks for you reply.

On my phone I can't see any wires since it is just a terminal, all they have is "A and B", do you know which one would be Green and Red?

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Using cat6 for analog lines is rather a ......
What do you mean?
Could you provide info on the phone.
A and b does not mean refer to multiple lines.
As long as you are consistent using the same wires in the same position I.e. blue and blue/white in position 2/3 on both sides when you plugin the rj11 into the phone.



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