Problem with DevArt MySQL dump class

LordZardeck used Ask the Experts™
For some reason I keep getting the error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'condition' at line 1

when i run the dump class in DevArt's dotconnect library. Anyone got a clue as to why? I can give any information you need to help solve this problem.
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What we need is the actual query it's trying to run.

Does the library have a debug mode you can turn on to show the query?


It doesn't have a debug mode that I can find. It is the table causing trouble because when I remove the table from the database, it works fine.
Sounds like 'condition' is not allowed as a column name.,40643,40643

I would think the dump class in DevArt's software should wrap it in `marks`, but it appears that's not happening.

Can you change the name of the column?
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I could change it. And rewrite thousands of lines of php code that depend on it. I may have to do that in the end, but I would love to find a way not to. Yes, it does seem annoying that they wouldn't wrap it in ` marks doesn't it?
Ouch.  Well, I could always suggest it ... didn't know whether you had to change thousands of lines or 2 lines.

OK, next suggestion is to bug DevArt for a hotfix on it.  I've never worked with them, but many companies, especially smaller ones, if you can point them specifically to the problem with evidence, they'll be glad to fix it.


I guess I'll just have to nag DevArt to fix the problem. Either that, or start fixing the thousands of lines of code that use it! Thanks for your help.

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