Secure FTP rate limited - can this be disabled?

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I've installed a fresh CentOS 5.3 installation, done a YUM upgrade to CentOS 5.4 and rebooted. When I try to ftp via secure FTP to the box, the upload rate is limited per connection to 500kb/s and download to 1mb/s. I've had a look through the options but can't find a way to disable this rate limit.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
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Are you sure that this limit is not provided by your server hosting provider?


The server is sitting behind me. :-)

CentOS is running on XenServer. I thought Xen could be doing it but can't see anything suspicious. Thought it could be something SSH related as the server only have sftp.
Try looking on Xen first, its very unlikely that it is limited on ssh/sftp side (although I don't know the CentOS specifics).
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OK thanks I'll have a look.


I've setup an FTP server on the box and tried to transfer a 2GB file (this is what I was originally trying to do) and the file uploaded at 50MB/s. However the same file over SFTP transfers at 500KB/s.

Any ideas why it's so slow over SFTP?

Is this the very nature of SFTP?

Are there any options to disable this rate limiting?
SFTP is slow, because it is encrypted, try checking the CPU load while downloading the file.

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