Trouble with Dreamweaver CS3 page upload, don't know how

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I'm having trouble uploading my Dreamweaver CS3 page to my server site.  I've never done this before, and I'm following instructions about "selecting local files" and going to the Site menu and choosing PUT, but that is grayed out and I don't know how to proceed.  Can you help?  Greg
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You need to go into the site definition and enter the ftp details for the server account. After the remote details are entered, PUT will be available.


OK, I have searched for Site Definition on the menus, especially under the SITE tab, but I don't find it.  How do I get there to execute this function?
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.
Site | Manage Sites

From there select the site and hit Edit. Then go to the remote site tab.
It could be problem from your site configuration please have a look at the following steps I will show how to create the correct site:

1. On dreamweaver menus click on [SITE] ---> [MANAGE SITE]
2. On dialog box appear choose [NEW SITE]
3. On dialog box appear enter [SITE NAME] AND correct URL to your site
4. Click Next then choose server technology you prefer AND THEN CHOOSE [NEXT]
5. On this step you could choose the first option then [NEXT]
6. Dialog box will ask you how you connect your server, if you are using FTP choose FTP and fill out your FTP information and try testing your FTP connection first.

Hope your will scratch more..



Yes, this was a good solution.  A friend also came over to help me figure this out, and we ended up using a program called BlueZone Secure FTP to help with this.  It is a free download.

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