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I have a router setup in a public area and it is acting as a "hotspot". The access point is on it's own VLAN allowing access only to the internet, and it isolates the wireless clients.  The router on the network is a Linksys RV082, and the access point is a WRT610N.

Ideally I'd like it so that when a client connects to the wireless network, when they try to go on the internet they are presented with a splash page of some sort which they have to accept before they can continue. After that internet browsing behaves as normal.

Is this something I can setup? What kind of software/hardware is involved? I imagine some kind of special DNS server or gateway server is needed, but I don't really know where to go from there.

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Hello Frosty555,

Look here : http://www.wifirush.com/services_flash2.html
You have the "wall garden" option

Interesting like here too : http://wiki.ubnt.com/wiki/index.php/AirOS but need to have specific hardware


I think you should look at captive portals: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_portal

Wall'ed' garden is used for permitting guest limited access, which in my opinion, will not be the best thing to have at a public hotspot. More information on the here:

There are many software that provide the captive portal functionality. The wikipedia article outlines a few, but you can fins a few more using google (or any other search engine)

Hope this helps.

Warm regards,

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