Configure Cisco Router 2811 to Act as DNS server

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Can someone show me how to configure a cisco router to act as dns server.
I currently have server that can connect to the internet via the router from a private ip address. However, I can't connect to server using its hostname from the internet. I believe it was because the server had not been configured with the appropriate dns settings. Therefore, I configure the dns settings with the ip address of the router 192.168.1.x. Now I need to configure the router to act as a dns server with the public ip address of 84.45.116.x.

The server is windows 2003.

You're help will be greatly appreciated.


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Well, it sounds like what you want is a public dns entry for the external address.

for instance a web server may have a www record configured in the dns for that relates to its IP.

So, two things, if you have a domain name, whoever you have that hosted with (network solutions, etc) will let you create an alias record for the www address

on the router, you'll need to create a static mapping or to allow whatever traffic you want inside.

greg wardSenior Systems Engineer

to configure a router as a dns server.
conf t
ip name-server
ip name-server <you can add  more here>

ip dns server

ip dhcp pool lan
   import all

Here's a detailed article for making a cisco router a dns server.

Will it work for external users trying to find you at - no.

Will it work for internal users trying to find - yes in conjunction with them picking up dhcp from the router.

I think you're looking for external users to find you.  You need to do that upstream with whoever you registered your domain name with.  Or, configure their records to look at your domain servers for the authoritative answer to what's ip should be.



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