Best Anti Virus and Best HW Firewall fro SBS2008

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Hello all

Im have a small SBS2008 Server with 7 clients and 3 of them using RWW.  I have tried Norton Corp V.11 with High problems and little success and i'm done with it.

What do you guys suggest for a Corporate or Non Corporate AV solution.

How about a inexpensive HW Firewall.  I would like to setup VPN for those using RWW to help eliminate the need to purchase Desktops for RWW

Thanks Dave
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My favorite AV is Sophos. It is not that havvy on you computer or server, It update fast and you can use it in the office and at home  for the same price.

Currently we are using McAfee, but it is giving us a lot of false positives. Application installation that are not digital sign in Internet explorer are being blocked as Buffer Overflow. Winzip file extracted to the desktop and repackaged again, Buffer Overflow (again).

I you are looking for a firewall. Dont use software, go hardware. Much beter, and stable. Like cisco firewall it depend on that you want, You can buy them with IDS, Spam filter, VPN you name it. First find out what you need, then what you are alowd to spend and than look.


TY for your input HMTWINS.   Anyone else?
My favorite is Trend Worry-Free.

I feel that it's the most balanced at catching things without interfering with corporate software...
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I will recommend you Eset Smart security 4. Which will give you double benefit as firewall and  also have good remote administration.
for more detail:
I would recommend Fortinet (get the FortiGate 50B) for your hardware firewall, does IDS, Spam filtering, AV filtering, Content filtering. Great box.

I would use the VPN in SBS2008 and just port forward through your firewall.

Sophos is my recommendation as well for Anti-Virus, their latest release (4.0) is awesome. You will see why it's much better than McAfee or Norton.


Thanks for your inout gents,  I split the points for your time.


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