SBS2008 Error 50331656 Remote Desktop

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Hello all.

I have a SBS2008 with 7 clients all running XP Pro 3, with file redirection

1 Client has suddenly has issues with dropped programs closing suddenly, Files not syncing with server.

When I try to connect to the client in SBS2008 using TS it wont connect, ( all other clients work fine)

When I try to connect to the client using RWW I get the error " An internal error has occured ( error 50331656). For more information conact you local admin or Microsoft Product Support"

I have looked on Google with little results.

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Error 50331656 in RWW is most likely a certificate problem,

- Open TS gateway manager
- Right click on your server name and choose properties
- Select SSL Certificate, and make sure you have the correct certificate assigned, if you browse for more cert, you will see a whole list of them.

One quick thing is the proper way of installing SBS2008 is going through all the wizards and finishing them which in turn set all of the various settings automaticallly


I dont mean to sound ignorant but I am in this situation,

I did what you say and there is ALOT of certificates.  Do I use the one that I Paid for thru Godaddy or do I use one that was issued by SBS?

And if I use one issued by SBS which one?  


For my setup I have it set to the one that says

Issued to:
Issued-By: servername-SERVER-CA

The SBS console creates these certs according to what you select on the wizard, in this case under 'Setup your Internet Address' Wizard.

If you have a GoDaddy cert, it might not work because you might've purchased a single name certificate, and not have autodiscover addresses in your cert. GoDaddy does offer a multi-domain cert for a higher price and you can include your autodiscover addresses in one SSL certificate. (, autodiscover.domain.local)

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Though that error is most often associated with certificates, if the other users are not having problems it is likely not a certificate issue and definitely not on the server end.


The issue is ONLY with one client computer out of 6 clients on system.  The certificate is correct and I can RWW to all other computers and server.

Any other thoughts gents?  I'm at my wits end here..

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Perhaps thefollowing from:

For this error message, it is the problem of the workstation Terminal Services. We
rectify the problem by editing the following registry key on workstation and
restart the machine.

Under the Parameters registry subkey, right-click each of the following values,
click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm the deletion:
X509 Certificate
X509 Certificate ID

Cutom managed default folder called: Inbox - 60 Days
Manged Folder Policy called Delete - 60 Days that covers Entire Mailbox
Managed Content settings that Permanently delete after 60 days
Policy is applied to the Journal Mailbox.

Question:  does the database have to be set to delete before backup in order for the deletions to happen directly?

When the Assistant runs, it leaves this message in the App log:

Service MSExchangeMailboxAssistants. Managed Folder Mailbox Assistant for database First Storage Group/Mailbox Database (975384cb-a44e-4331-9d6b-2eee43cb9de2) is exiting a scheduled time window. 80 out of 80 mailboxes were successfully processed. 0 mailboxes were skipped due to errors.  0 mailboxes were processed separately.  0 mailboxes were not processed due to insufficient time.

Ooops, wrong ticket... sorry!

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