Is XenServer limiting download/upload rates?

DReade83 used Ask the Experts™
I have a XenServer installation with CentOS 5.4 installed. When uploading to the CentOS VM via Secure FTP the upload rate is fixed to 500KB/s and the download to 1MB/s.

Is XenServer doing this? Does anyone know anything I can try?

I already posted this question in the Linux section thinking it was CentOS doing it, but I was asked to look at XS instead that could be causing this issue.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Duncan RoeSoftware Developer
Is your traffic going via an ISP, or is it completely internal?


100% internal, via a Gigabit wired network.
Is the virtual machine paravirtualized?
To  be that is should have Xentools installed.
OK just done another test by uploading a 2GB file to normal FTP. Upload/download speed of 50MB/s. So it seems to be a secure FTP thing after all.

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