Brute force software for RDP and VPN

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I want to run some testing to see exactly how long it will take to crack my internal servers, not to mention try to make things more difficult, but I dont feel I know enough about brute force or hacking attempts to take the appropriate counter measures.  

Is there an application that will brute force windows remote desktop and VPN PPTP on port 1723 , can someone give me more than one option ?

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this very software could then be used to hack someone elses network.
as for counter measures you need to make sure that the system blocks after several unsucessful password attempts.
I always suggest long, but easy to remember passwords - as these are both hard to crack and hard to guess - but easy for the user to type in. eg 'mydogsnameisFido"
good loging to alert you if attacks, and even IP blocking.

so - after 5 unsucessfull attempts, block the IP for 1/2hr, and or block the username for 10minutes.


Wolfcamel, I have all these measures in fact, but can you tell me how long it would take a bruteforce attack on my admin account to eventually guess my password ?   Well that is a questions I would like answered.  I want to run the same tools hackers would use against my own systems.

Like every admin, I have implimented secure passwords, and lockouts, but I want to see exactly what the enemy will be running against my servers.  As far as the software above, I don't want to pay 1200 and I doubt the guy in his basement pays 1200 for the bruteforce software he uses.

So can someone point me in the right directions ?
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OK, you want to test BruteForce...get this

BTW, if you do not want to pay, switch to Linux. There are built-in tools. Otherwise, forget about you thoughts and sleep on it :D
How long it would take to bruteforce any password depends on how good the password is. The longer and more complex the password, the longer it would take to bruteforce.

Try it for yourself using rainbow tables.

As for the tools hackers would be using to gain access to your systems, there are money, but they are used along side knowledge and understanding of systems.

Very often it is easier to hack the humans working for your company than it is to hack the systems. Tricking people in to giving up information they should not is often much easier then trying to exploit a vulnerability or bruteforce a password.

Cain ( and Ophcrack ( are popular free password cracking tools,

Have a look at Backtrack for a bootable linux distro with lots of tools included.

Have a look at the Metasploit Framework ( too.

Passwords don't always need to be cracked, look up the 'pass the hash toolkit'

There are mailing lists such as bugtraq ( used to announce 0day exploits found against software which can be exploited to gain access to sites and systems.

These are just some of the methods used to gain access to systems. The "guy in his basement" as you described most likely has all the time in the world to learn about your systems and find a way in if he chooses to. Brute force is not likely to be one of them though.

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