How can I add an RDP shortcut to all PC desktops without doing it manually?

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I have a Windows 2003 Server Std domain.  I would like to add an RDP icon to each users desktop.  If deleted I would like it added each time.  This RDP shortcut would be one that I've saved basic settings to.  For example, IP address.  I'm not very familiar with GPO's.
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I'd just do a single line in a login script -

IF not exist "%userprofile%\desktop\YourDesired.RDP" copy "\\server\share\path\to RDP\file\YourDesired.RDP" "%userprofile%\desktop\YourDesired.RDP"


Obviously a Genius for a reason!  Thanks a ton.  Especially for the late night resonse.  Worked like a charm.  Had to gpupdate afterwards but it worked great!!  Thanks again.

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