Downgrade Dell Inspiron 15 from 64bit to 32bit

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Can i downgrade an inspiron 15 from Windows7 64bit to  windows7 32bit.. this is necessary for some specific security software i wish to use which has not moved to 64bit yet, would there be any issues with doing this, can i use the existing media or do i need to purchase a 32bit version (i assuming it is OEM)
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I am asking prior to making a dell laptop purchase
I could not get windows 7 eula (license agriment) - so my answer will not be 100% sure.

In Windows Vista it is allowed to change 32 bit to 64 bit and vice versa with the same license key.
So I think the same it will be possible in Windows 7.
Maybe you should be only a liitle bit careful with installation media.
Legaly, if the 32 bit CD is not included with your new PC, you will need to buy it.
Check at vendor if 32 bit installation media is also included. This will also answer your question for sure.



I agree with your comments, but i have not been able to get an answer out of dell from this ( i keep getting bumped to different departments.
I got an OEM vista last time i purchased which meant i could not change from 32 to 64 or vice versa, i don't want this to happen with 7.
Hoping anyone who has purchased a dell post win7 can shed some extra light, otherwise i am happy to accept davorins comment
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Here you go,

You cannot downgrade 64 Bit to 64 Bit from Windows, YOU HAVE TO REINSTALL

And for the FAQ about 64 Bit, please vist -

ram_kerala, you are right, but adammet04 is concerned about licensing.
I hope tommorow I will have enough time to check this at my Dell distributor.
Hi again,

I have checked another time and with notebooks there arive DVD for only one type of OS - 32bit or 64 bit.(HP)
Also in store - win 7 32b and win7 64b are two different products even the price is the same.
Also some colegues of mine confirmed, that you will need aditional licence for 32 bit version.

(It seems I was confused with sbs 2008 installation media - for additional w2k8 server you can install 32 or 64 bit version.)


Thanks for the info..i had hoped it would not be like that!

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