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Currently our mailbox size limit on Exchange 2003 is 100MB per user. With some new storage coming in, we are looking to increase that to about 1GB.

We are currently running BES 4.1.6 and notice that when we restart the services, it takes about an hour for messages to be recieved by the devices. According to RIM, this is because the BES will rescan all the user mailboxes for new messages.

My question is: When we up the limit to 1GB, will this mean that the rescan times will be *much* longer?

My second question is: Why does this not happen with ActiveSync? Does anyone know if this behaviour is changed with BES 5.0?

Thanks in advance!
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With BES 5.0, it still does the re-scan.  With ActiveSync, there is a direct push to the mobile device.  There is no 3rd party app or network in the way.  WIth BES, the only way it can be certain you get all of your messages is to scan them all and verify that the message was sent.  Activesync runs natively in Exchange, no need for a rescan.

As far as your question about scan times, it will take longer, but not10X as long.  I can't give you numbers, but it has more to do with the number of mailboxes it has to scan as opposed to the amount of data in each mailbox.

BES 5.0 is more efficient with this process though.

BES allows for much better mobile device managment.  Although with the new management features of ActiveSync in Exchange 2007 and the upcoming 2010, it is really starting to level the field.

a mailbox scan takes place to reconcile "orphaned" messages (i.e. messages that have arrived in the mailbox that haven't been assigned a RefID.

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