Windows 2008 / Auto-Run a program: How to change blocked programs ?

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Hi there .

I just added a program to the startup folder to let it be started when I login. Unfortunately Windows 2008 Server does not start the program. Instead it shows the program has been blocked. How can I change which programs to be blocked and which ones not?

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Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

click start > run

type "msconfig" without quotes and then click on the startup tab, it will dispaly the startup programs and you can enable and disable

Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

Also, under windows defender > tools > then software explorer to see if the program is disabled there , so enable it.

Please follow the procedure to configure startup programs

1. Click on the "Blocked startup programs" icon in system tray.

2. To allow the program to run, click on "Run blocked program" option and click on the program or service in the list.

3. To disallow the program, click on "Show or remove blocked startup programs" option, it'll open "Software Explorer" in "Windows Defender".

4. Now locate and select the startup program or service which you disabled recently in Software Explorer.

5. Click on "Disable" and then "Yes" in the confirmation dialog box.

Syed Mutahir Alibinarybonsai

Strange that my solution wasn't accepted nor even as assisted as it is exactly the same thing what kmrd04 has mentioned ;
anyway - glad you sorted it out

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