how to upgrade server 2003

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Can you give us more detail?
Is exchange involved?
Is it a domain or standalone server?
New hardware or same hardware?
Jason WatkinsIT Project Leader

Yes, more details are needed.

What are you upgrading to?
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Here are some mirgration guides to upgrade your AD to Windows 2008 from Windows 2003 but I'm not for sure if this is the information you need.

Some more info from you would help us out.
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It is the same hardware eg server.

It is now running Server 2003 standard and I want it to run Server 2008 standard
Top Expert 2012

I really don't recommend doing a in-place upgrade of a system since I have ran into issues. Also, you will be bringing problems from the Windows 2003 install into your new Windows 2008 install.
IT Project Leader
I would tend to agree with dariusg.  Upgrades are spotty, at best, and you have a chance to implement a fresh install on the server.  An opportunity, which is rarely necessary on a server operating system.  

Make a full backup, or image of the WS03 install.
Go out to the server manufacturer's web-site and download all of the drivers for WS08 on that server's hardware.
Wipe, WS03 and install WS08.

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