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When attempting to install winxp sp3 on a compaq V3000 mobile AMD Sempron laptop it stalls at the Setup is starting windows screen. I have tried changing out the hard drive no luck. I am using the F6 sata drivers. It runs as though it is going to load and stops at the setup is starting windows screen. Tried for 2 hours working with HP to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Installing SP3 version should be a wau to go but some times it is much better to use original, SP1 or SP2 Windows CD.

That would rulled out a possibility of broken CD drive as well as compatibility issues witn the newest updated version.

I have had many problems like that in the past and I had to use outdated versions of windows few times.

Try that and the update to SP3.

You could also try another floppy with a new SATA driver cause it could be a bad copy of the driver or bad floppy.

You could also try streaming a driver into the Windows CD which is quite complicated.

Go into the bios and give me all the settings according to:

disk, drive, lba, sata, ata, raid. We might need to play with them as well.




Thanks that worked. I had already tried winxp sp2 and it didn't work. I went back to winxp no sp and it is now formating. Thanks for ur help.


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