is xml a good standard to transfer data between two different company

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Hi, there is another company that we have fiber connection with them. we have so many data transfer between our systems. in current situation we use link server from our SQL 2005 server to their ORACLE 9i and ORACLE 10g databases.
we mostly use VIEW and some times SP. I am thinking that it is not a good way to transfer data between two company. so we are going to define another solution. I proposed xml and XML Web service or as a newer version WCF.
I am not sure these are the best so could any body present any proof about using XML or WCF.
is there any other suggenstion that we can use. (please consider that we are going to define a standard solution that we can use it over high speed connection (like fiber) and also over internet.
I want to be sure that XML services are reliable, secure and fast. Could anybody help me
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Hello kermanian,

Yes XML, SOAP and Webservice are great to transfer data but I think the question is how to you use XML to transfert your data.

So, you shoud have a look to tools like :
- OpenSynchro :
- OpenAdaptor :
- Microsoft Biztalk (expensive!) :

Generaly, EDI tools.



thanks for your help, actually I want to be sure or better find a reference that, using XML (with any tool) is better that using VIEW or SP and connect the SQL server to ORACLE through link server.
if you have any reference in this regards please let me have it.


in the meantime, something like biztalk is very useful when I want to integrate different systems in my company. but now my situation is that there more that two companies and we should send and receive data to/from our systems together.
it is important that I find a solution that I can use it to communicate with different partners over high speed connection or over internet.
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Biztalk support a lot of type of message from external "providers" :

If u ave fiber data connection ... dont bother thinks like xml , soap and etc..

keep ur existing solution.. Solve ur problem with views and sp's

Why i said that  ? Biztalk is the best solution ... but do u really need that ? implementation and license fees might be high .. and u dont need a mapping or BI logic as i understand.. so .. just data copy between 2 platforms..  

so in ur situation.. best way is the way u go till now..

First of all: what problem are you trying to solve? You say you use views and SP. What is going wrong that you want to change to XML? First define the problem that you have to solve, then think about a solution.

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