Where is the anchor function so that I can extend a bar horizontaly in photoshop?

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I am trying to do the option 2 in the related solution to avoid pixellation. How can I anchor the box on the center left. Where is exactly anchoring?
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statler01's answer is the almost correct. However stretching an image that is one pixel wide, 900 pixels, will give you the same result as repeating the image 900 times.

I have the utmost respect for statier01 and he usually has excellent answers, but he is a bit wrong this time. (but only a bit)

Stretching an image horizontally does not cause pixellation, it causes distortion. Photoshop blends the colors together when it stretches an image unless the image is an indexed color such as a gif. Then it causes posterization.  It's very unusual for a tiff image to be saved as an index color.

But never the less, he was on the right track except for overlooking the fact that your image is only 1 px wide.

So go ahead and use option one, it's a whole lot easier and the results will be the same.

The anchor button comes up in the canvas dialogue box. If you do not select an anchor, the enlarged canvas expands from the center in all directions. By anchoring to the left, the enlarged canvas will spread in only one direction. That way, you do not need to reposition your original image on the larger canvas.



Great! Thanks a lot D Brugge. Actually I have done this before. I cant believe how I forgot the anchor. You are really helpful.

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