cannot download Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003 on Dell Lap with Vista

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I am trying to put MS Office Basic Edition 2003 on my new Dell Lap which has  VIsa OS and Office 2007 on it. After installing the 2003 Ddsk and clicking setup it gets hung up and the following error appears " waiting for cabinets to be cached to local installion source File: PR103374.CAB"
I am not an expert with this download stuff and hoping someone can help me get office 2003 installed on my vista dell laptop machine.
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Assuming you can read other CDs okay, it sounds like a problem with the disk itself.

Try creating a folder on the hard drive, copy the contents of the CD to it and run setup from there. If the copy fails, its definitely a bad disk.


I copied the software on CD over to a folder and then clicked set up and see error popup that reads:
"microsoft office setup cannot continue because installation source has been corrupted"

Please that that the same 2003 office disk loads perfectly on my dell xp machine but not my laptop that has vista and 2007 on it?
You need to install Office 2003 first and THEN Office 2007, not the other way around.  So if you want to run both of them simultaneously, you'll need to uninstall 2007, install 2003, and then reinstall 2007.  During the 2007 installation process, it will ask you whether you want to get rid of your 2003 installation, and you need to be careful to tell it not to.
EE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional
Yes, that is true. MS does not recommend running multiple version on the same computer as they claim it is not neccessary, but if you want to for whatever reason, you'll need to follow the instructions they set out in this KB article:

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