What is  LDAP?

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1) This is LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
- Where is it used in Microsoft Windows Network?
-Does it need to be configured such as TCP/IP? If yes, provide the example please
- Does the Exchange Server use LDAP?
- Does the Active Directoru use LDAP?
- Other comments

2) Thank you

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LDAP is an protocol that is used for authentication, in Ad Catalog, Exchange and etc..

connectiing to an LDAP server u can use LDAP:\\servername:389, and some parameters also
What u wanna do with LDAP...
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Active directory is based on LDAP...AD is the most widely deployed directory service in the world.  Have you read through this paper
Active Directory LDAP Compliance
Just don't want to rehash the info in that excellent white paper.
In a Microsoft network, Active Directory is Microsoft's implementation of LDAP.  With Active Directory/LDAP, Windows 2000+ environments use LDAP to create a centralized database where not only user authentication information (usernames and passwords) are stored, but other "user properties" such as phone number and Email credentials (automatically coordinated with Exchange, if present in the environment).

Technically, LDAP is a protocol for creating and storing/retrieving/updating information within Active Directory in a Windows environment.  It is separate from TCP/IP.  Not to say TCP/IP isn't extremely important to a successful Windows environment.  TCP/IP, and especially DNS, must be configured properly for Windows to authenticate systems and users properly.

For more information, I would suggest reviewing the Wikipedia page on LDAP/Active Directory:


Hope this helps...

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Sounds like homework !

LDAP is an open protocol - meaning that is is not owned by anyone and is not copyright or the intelectual property of any company or individual. LDAP is designed as a means of implelenting a directory service to provide centralises and delegated administration. LDAP is used as the basis of Microsoft Active Directory, Novell Directory services and Unlx/Linux directory services the first two of which contain elements which are the intellectual property of Microsoft/Novell

Exchnage does use LDAP, to interrgoate Active directory for recipiant information, address lists etc, but it also uses some of the propriitory elements of Active Directory also.

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