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I have not been able to get this configuration to serve webpages to the WAN/Internet.  I can see the pages within my LAN, just not externally.  The external IP addresses match from my "server" in the dyndns records and from the external IP check (checkmyip.com, etc).  I have tried turning my firewall off, to no avail, even though I have tried entering an exception on port 80 (I have removed it) as well as the world wide web service(HTTP).  

When I was research the differences between Vista home premium and its bigger brothers, I found that H.P. would be allowed for remoting among other things.  Is it possible to build a www/web/WAN/Internet server on IIS 7.0 a vista home premium box?
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Since the page is available from inside your LAN, then the issue is more than likely not with the web server itself.  Instead, I would look at reviewing the configuration of your firewall.  Since the outside IP already directs itself to your firewall, you should only now need to:

1.  Configure a NAT entry to map this outside IP to the internal IP of your webserver.
2.  Open the ports in the firewall required for your webserver - typically TCP 80 for simple HTTP and TCP 443 for HTTPS (SSL/TLS - encrypted web).

Hope this helps...

I just did a port scan and port 80 is not open even though I have an exception for it to be open??
I am still at a loss here, because my server is connected directly to the modem, which doesn't have any good stuff like NAT.  I will be setting this server behind a router which has Network Address Translation, although I am just trying to serve a page to my family.  
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What type of connection are you using? If it is a DSL link, then you should search for the manual of your DSL modem, and enable Virtual Server Port 80 to get accessed from outside the LAN.

The vIrtual Server section on your modem will allow you do mapping between your PC and the Internet, so all requests on certain ports - that you specify - will be directed to your PC
I am using a 'Scientific Atlanta 2100'->on the case, and " WebSTAR DPC2100R2" ->in the configuration screen,-- cable modem, with Comcast.  TraceRT don't make it to my pc, nor to pings from outside of my LAN.  I do not know what else to do

Here's a tracert of the domain:

 source ORD
 1  ge-0-0-0-30.core-01-ord.dyndns.com (  0.356 ms
 2  Vlan513.icore1.CT8-Chicago.as6453.net (  5.009 ms
 3  te-0-10-0-5-pe01.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net (  1.610 ms
 4  pos-1-3-0-0-cr01.chicago.il.ibone.comcast.net (  1.058 ms
 5  pos-1-15-0-0-cr01.denver.co.ibone.comcast.net (  34.082 ms
 6  pos-0-15-0-0-ar02.aurora.co.denver.comcast.net (  34.365 ms
 7  te-9-3-ur02.greeley.co.denver.comcast.net (  37.416 ms
opps I forgot, my ip is not the last one on the list..??
also, I didn't see a virtual server section in my available modem menu screens.

I stumbled upon this

This describes how to do Virtual Server, or in other words Port-Forwarding for WebSTAR-DPR2320. Should be close to your model.

In your case you need to specify port 80 on both sides
It seems like port 80 is blocked from the outside, as I have removed the firewall from the server.  Maybe  need to set up a new DNS rule?

Have you tried Port-Forwarding settings? If you need assistance you can show me some snapshots, perhaps?

I'm not sure what you mean by DNS rules?
well, the modem doesn't have port forwarding rules that I am aware of, and I have only one menu that I have seen.  I do not own the modem, Comcast ISP does.

DNS rules are like MX or A or CDATA, etc.  

No, these are DNS records, could sometimes be Roles, as in the case of MX (Mail Exchanger) and NS (Name Server).

About the modem, you are sure you have not seen a menu like the one in the screen shot below? It has Port Forwarding.

If you cannot reach that menu, I do not know if Comcast will allow your hosting. Try asking them, even if they don't agree, you will get to know your rights.
The difference between the screen I have and the one that you have shown is the 'setup' submenu.  

As far as the DNS Rules go, yeah records sounds better, sorry the the confusion.

Then I encourage you to ask Comcast support about hosting. Try asking them about the possibility of acquiring a Static IP, and their help with modem setup, if they won't allow you modify it.

Most ISPs disallow hosting for dynamic IPs, and force modem IP-reset every while (almost 24 hours), specially if they notice steady incoming traffic. Afterall, it is more money for them in bad economy :)
turns out that the problem was using Vista Home Premium, unless there is some checkBox somewhere I missed.
I moved the site to my vista ultimate machine and it work fine.

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