vShpere client with Host Update facility could not upgrade ESXi 3.5 host.

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I have a server which is on VMWare ESXi 3.5, I plan to upgrade it to VMWare ESXi v4.

1. I installed the vSphere client with Host Update Facility, but it displays the message "Patching this host version is not supported by vShpere Host Update Utility."

2. I went ahead anyway and put the host into maintenance mode and ran the update, the vSphere Host Update message then becomes "Failed to deploy host upgrade agent".

fyi the server is running on Dell R710, Dual CPU, 32GB Ram, win 2008 STD x64 virtual servers.

Any suggestions?

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is ryder said the only thing you can do is UPGRADE to the new 4.0

If you want to install updates and retain the 3,5 update x version you will have to use the infrastructure upgrade utility insted (not the vsphere one)

To upgrade to 4.0 you need to download the update from the download section in vmware's page.

go here: Home > Downloads > VMware vSphere 4 v4 > VMware ESX 4

Please report back how your upgrade went.



What is the difference between the ESXi 4 and ESX 4?

Stupid question but I am assuming the upgrade will preserve all the virtual servers?

I will do the upgrade on a less critical server tomorrow.

Many thanks.
it will preserve all servers, and settings so not to worry.

esx server is a linux distribution with the hypervisor under it.. its more costomisable, and so on..
esxi 4.0 is a small footprint OS that you cant mess arround with, but only really control from the vshpere client. This is also a good thing as it minimises possible errors as you use only tools provided by vmware. its hard to mess up a esxi server compared to a esx server.

As said before, the esx server as alot smaller footprint in memmory, and does not have an extra linux vm running.

i recommend esxi servers for 99% of all users.
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See the comparison at http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1006543
Its for esxi3.5 but can be applied to esxi4 in general as well

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