Win 7 CONSTANTLY Installing Drivers

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Im betting some of you are getting tired of seeing me post questions lol Sorry but cant help it.. Windows 7 Ultimate is making me nuts ;)

Anyway... I have WIndows 7 Ultimate 64 bit ( I just built this pc a little more than a week ago. It is an Intel i7-920 - currently not overclocked - running on a Biostar TPower X58A mobo

I have 3 internal SATA drives (2 Seagate 750gigs and 1 WD 500gig), 2 internal EIDE DVD players/burners (a lite on and a sony)

I also run 3 extrernal drives a 750gig Hitachi and 2 Seagate 160 gigs

The externals, which I had no issues at all with on my previous pc - WinXP Pro 32 bit, Intel Core2 Duo 6750 Conroe on an MSI mobo. I plugged them in and that was that. They stayed installed in windows, whether a cold or a warm boot.

Now on my new pc, everytime i do a cold boot, sometimes even during a warm boot, windows redetects the drives and reinstalls the drivers for them. EVERY TIME no exeptions! It is driving me nuts! What makes it even more aggravating is that sometimes, 1 in 3 times, Windows 7 will tell me that the installation of the drive failed due to the usb device being unrecognized or bad (cant recall exact error and honestly dont want to reboot the pc now to generate the exact message.. if it is needed I will do a reboot to get the exact message... ) regardless of the error message, at that point none of the drives will show in WIndows Explorer. if I restart the pc, upon reboot, the drivers will be installed no problem and I can see all the externals in windows explorer again. Then... the next time I shut down and restart my pc... we go through the whole process again.. Windows 7 will install the drives again.. and like I said.. sometimes it will succeed.. sometimes it will tell me it failed the install...
i have also had windows 7 lose my printer driver too... had to shut off the printer and turn it back on so that Win 7 coulod redect and reinstall the drivers again.

anyone had this happen? anyone knoiw why it happens and how to resolve this from happening, if it is possible yet.

Thank you, Jared
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W7, no matter what they tell you, does not have all the drivers for removable storage (external) disks.Especially W7 x64 bit.You will have to keep up with this until they issue adequate drivers.So a temporary remedy would be to switch off (turn off) disks during startup (and printer).
I fixed some of your issues installing manually the drivers using ones for Vista 64 bit.For the printer it worked.Not for my Western Digital ext. drive...Still missing drivers...
So try Vista 64 bit drivers (install them manually mind you).If W7 moan about incompatible drivers just ignore the warning and install them anyway.They will work !
If not then you will just have to wait for new ones...

Are there any *critical* devices in the device manager that have yellow exclamation points next to them? Anything like "co-processor" or something that might otherwise indicate a missing chipset driver?

One thing that might be worth trying is installing the chipset and motherboard drivers straight from the manufacturer. Even if the generic Windows drivers are supposedly working, it's almost always better to have the manufacturer's drivers - especially if it's a mobo or chipset driver. Otherwise Windows may have a hard time detecting the devices properly and may cause flakey issues like the ones you described.

Have you tried installing the chipset and / or motherboard drivers from the manufacturer? If they don't have Windows 7 drivers yet, Vista drivers will do just fine.


as far as t he mobo drivers, yes the first thing I did once the system was running and windows was installed was  to download all  the latest drivers from Biostars website (one thing I learned over the years is that drivers on the included disks, even if you just boughhjt the hardware, is usually always outdated)

How do I go about getting the Vista 64 bit drivers? I like this idea.
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You may be over-taxing your USB power.  You have 3 external drives and a printer using USB.  What other USB devices are you using (keyboard?, mouse?)?  Try removing all but one of the drives and see if it boots without error.  Then try adding the other drives 1 by 1 until the errors return.  If it turns out that this is the case an internal USB card or perhaps a powered USB hub may solve the problem.


not over taxing.. I reduced the number of drives to just one external usb and my printer.

sometimes when I reboot the drive is detected and works fine as is the brother printer
other times when I reboot the drive is reported as being unrecognized and the printer the same... in device manage is shows to unrecognized devces iun the USB section (yellow exclamation points)

Sat on phone iwth microsoft for a couple hours. they removed and reinstalled the drives for the usb device and removed and reinstalled the print spooler.

a couple reboots were done and all was fine.  Hung up with ms and then when I rebooted again taht evening, problem was back

can not find a solution for this issue.


site linked was helpful

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