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Hi have domain user set up on AD in server 2003 > He logs onto a vista ultimate sys. Had no problem in past but this time I cannot perform some actions on local vista pc without logging in as domain admin. How can I set domain user to be the local machine administrator.
Thanks in advance
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Have you checked if this user is part of the local administrator group?

You can right Click on My Computer and Left click on Manage.  
Click on Users and Groups.  Then Groups and open Administrator Group.  

If the user is not a member of this group you can add there.  The user may need to be connected to the LAN or VPN'd in.  Also if domain account would need to list username as domain\username.  

Hope that helps.
Not much Vista in my network, but I'm pretty sure it's like XP. You need to add the Domain User account to the Users Control Panel, and assign the Administrator right to it. There should be a drop down box to choose that right.
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This can easily be achieved with Group Policies f you want to control it centrally, there is a good guide here:


Sorry Guys got called away. Will not get to test your advice for another 12 hrs. Will get back to you all then.--Do appreciate help so far

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