v5r4 vs v6r1

Bsidmis used Ask the Experts™
how can we compare the version v5r4 vs v6r1?
is the version v6r1 is better than v5r4?
what is the benefit and drawback of v6r1 over v5r4?

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Hi Bsidmis,

It's a 1 000 000 $ question you are asking... Usually, an upgrade like this should worth the move...

I my case, we are planning to move to v6r1 once we wiil have tested it with all of our software. Second quarter of 2010.

Here's a link that can help you giving an idea:


For every upgrade, always study the Memo to Users for the new release. (If skipping releases, also study Memo to Users for the skipped release.) For V6R1, the Memo to Users is found here:


You might also want to review Upgrade Planning for the release:


Those should give you enough background to list specific questions.

V6R1 has been out long enough that there's no reason to stick with V5R4 even if you're not ready to take advantage of what it offers. I try to upgrade once a new release has settled down. After the second cumulative PTF package is usually long enough. I usually attempt to upgrade without my users even knowing that it happened -- nothing should change just because I upgraded. Users usually start finding small new features on their own, and I have time to learn the new release before I start creating enhancements.

Having the new release gives me lead time before IBM drops support. I can find PTFs or submit requests for fixes.




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