Nortel Contivity VPN Client problem under Windows 7

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Hi There,

I'm trying to migrate a few of my critical apps to Win 7.  All seems decent so far apart from a VPN  Client called Contivity from Nortel.  When I run this (in whatever compatibility mode) I get a 10048 Failed to Create socket message.

I realise from research that something else is using an address that Contivity is trying to use but my question is how can I find out what so I can disable it?

Thanks in advance,

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Dmitriy Ilyinsenior system administrator

Create socket failed with 10048.

This problem generally will occur whenever you have another VPN client software installed on the system. The most noted conflicting clients are: AOL, Cisco VPN Client(s), SSH Sentinel and PGP.

1. Removing these clients will in most cases, resolve the issue.

If you have not such apps (see above), then trobleshuting must something like following:
1. Open TCPView (sysinternals) and search apps that hold 500, 47 ports or port that you configured in NC VPN.
2. Search exe file that open this port
3. Rename/uninstall relaited app.
4. reboot.


Hi and thanks for th suggestions.  I don't have any of those apps installed.
Sorry, where do I find TCPView?  Also I don't know the ports that Nortel Contivity client uses, they aren't specifically manually configured. I'll try and research that and post further. Cheers, KGW
Dmitriy Ilyinsenior system administrator

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OK, here's what TCP View told me:

System:4      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:wsd      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
[System Process]:0      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:wsd      localhost:49523      TIME_WAIT      
[System Process]:0      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:wsd      localhost:49524      TIME_WAIT      
[System Process]:0      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:wsd      localhost:49522      TIME_WAIT      
svchost.exe:1396      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:ws-discovery      *:*            
svchost.exe:1396      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:ws-discovery      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:ws-discovery      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:ws-discovery      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:ssdp      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      kenwilliams-pc:ssdp      *:*            
System:4      TCP      kenwilliams-pc:netbios-ssn      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
System:4      UDP      kenwilliams-pc:netbios-ns      *:*            
System:4      UDP      kenwilliams-pc:netbios-dgm      *:*            
System:4      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:microsoft-ds      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1504      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:llmnr      *:*            
svchost.exe:1256      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:isakmp      *:*            
svchost.exe:1256      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:ipsec-msft      *:*            
svchost.exe:1028      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:epmap      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1176      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:bootpc      *:*            
svchost.exe:1176      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:bootpc      *:*            
svchost.exe:1396      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:62501      *:*            
svchost.exe:1396      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:62500      *:*            
iexplore.exe:3916      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:61699      *:*            
svchost.exe:1396      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:61532      *:*            
svchost.exe:1396      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:61531      *:*            
iexplore.exe:2824      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:58568      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:58275      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:58274      *:*            
svchost.exe:1176      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:546      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      KenWilliams-PC:54040      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDP      kenwilliams-pc:54039      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:54037      *:*            
System:4      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:5357      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1504      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:5355      *:*            
svchost.exe:1256      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:500      *:*            
services.exe:528      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:49156      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
services.exe:528      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:49156      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
lsass.exe:536      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:49155      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
lsass.exe:536      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:49155      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1256      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:49154      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1256      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:49154      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1176      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:49153      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1176      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:49153      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
wininit.exe:420      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:49152      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
wininit.exe:420      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:49152      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1256      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:4500      *:*            
System:4      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:445      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1396      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:3702      *:*            
svchost.exe:1396      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:3702      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:3702      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:3702      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      kenwilliams-pc:1900      *:*            
svchost.exe:1028      TCPV6      kenwilliams-pc:135      kenwilliams-pc:0      LISTENING      
avgemc.exe:2056      TCP      KenWilliams-PC:10110      KenWilliams-PC:0      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:54038      *:*            
svchost.exe:3400      UDPV6      [0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1]:1900      *:*            

It looks like Port 500 is allocated but inactive. It will tell me nothing about the process that's allocated that port nor allow me to terminate it. I suspect that may the Contivity service anyway.  47 doesn't appear to be mentioned.  Can anyone throw any more light on this?


Dmitriy Ilyinsenior system administrator

hm... can you disable IPv6?
( reboot and try to run NC VPN again?


It seems you can't stop that process running, even when IPv6 is disabled.  I disabled it globally via a DWORD in the system registry and also simply unchecked it as a protocol running on the network connections concerned. After trying that, the port still shows as allocated to the same process on TCP View and I get the same result trying to run the Contivity VPN client.
OK. Solved the problem.  I downloaded a Vista version of the Contivity Client and, by running that in XP SP3 Compatibility mode (note running it in Vista mode woudn't work - it stopped at the "Checking for banner text" stage),  I've got it working.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway.


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