Can the Sonicwall TZ210 support two internal networks

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I have a few questions about the TZ210 I would like to setup two networks. One for employees, one for guest (just internet access).

Is it possible to configure the TZ210 to be physically cabled to two different internal networks?

Can I use the TZ210 as a DHCP for both networks? e.g. emplyoes 10.10.10.x and guest 192.168.1.x

Lastly VPN access into only one of the internal networks is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

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As far i worked with sonicwall its very good and dynamic . yes you can configure wat all your requirements are there.
I hope it will be nice if you could call sonicwall helpline 0008001003395 it is from india for your location you can search from They will assist you in configuration. They have very good engineer support.

Hi, any update on the same.

You can configure one of the Ethernet ports to be a DMZ from which you can control the guest access.
Vinny BoothTechnical Director
Short answer:  OH YES!!

You can control loads of networks and then you can allow connection between the firewall section of the SonicWALL.

The LAN zone is default - if you create both networks as part of the LAN zone then the LAN zone rules are applicable to the both.

I would suggest you create a new zone.  I.e. X0 = LAN (10.10.10.x), X1 = WAN, X2 could be a second WAN (you can load balance up to 4 WAN connections), X3 could be your new zone - i.e. GUEST (192.168.1.x)

So you can say DENY Guest > LAN and ALLOW LAN > Guest for instance.

You can also say, for instance, allow ANY GUEST PC to access ONLY a Server on the LAN for DNS, HTTPS, HTTP etc etc.

Loadsa control.  And if you get Total Secure you can even do Anti-Virus Scanning, Anti-Spyware etc between the GUEST and LAN zones - so you can secure your zone further.

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