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When you go to remove a GPO, it asks:
Remove the software from all PCs, or Leave but do not allow other installations; or words to that affect.
I'm trying to deploy Adobe Reader 9 with which I'm having a small issue, but the point is, if I did get this GPO working, I don't want either of those options if I removed the GPO.
i.e. I don't want reader removed if I removed the GPO, or if I removed the GPO, I want Reader 9 to still get updates.
Can someone please explain the two options offered on GPO removal.
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It sounds like you are talking about the software installation section of group policy. You can assign software either to a computer or to a user.

The two options are:
1. that you remove the policy and leave the software installed - no new workstations will get the software installed but any existing workstations will be unaffected

2. you remove the policy and also remove the software, not only will no new workstations have the software installed but any existing workstations will uninstall it

Why would you want to remove the policy if you still want the software?

If you need to remove a policy, but not have any software affected then you can just make a software installation policy that isn't removed and make any necessary changes to that policy over time. That way any other removal of old policies won't affect your software installations.
I think you may be confusing GPO software deployment with Adobe's own update system. They are not related.

If you choose to remove the GPO but leave the software installed on existing workstations the Adobe update will run as usual on those workstations.


GandalfUK, your last paragraph answers exactly one part of my question.
QEMS, paragraoph 4, why remove? Well, I extracted the MSI from the Adobe installer, and either leaving it as is, or customising as per Adobe, it would not run. It would quickly pop up on a workstation at start up and that's all.
However, when I removed the GPO, some workstations which previoulsy had Adobe 9, lost it!!!!!!!!!
And I am pretty sure I chose not to remove software.
Just before I award points, can you clarify your point 1, is the GPO only referring to the installer in the path i.e. it says no more software will be installed, does that just mean the software you are trying to install? In other words, if you added additional unrelated gpos or packages later, they would work normally?
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If you remove a deployment GPO, (in any fashon), it should not affect the operation of other GPOs, (they are indipendant of each other). Other GPO software deployments should continue to install as normal.
Yes anything else added later should work fine, it will just stop installing the software specified in the policy you deleted.

I have had a few problems rolling out items like acrobat and flash that want to update themselves all the time, I'm not a fan of this kind of updater at all.

If you just need an acrobat reader you could try out foxit reader - I much prefer it to adobe's version these days and it should be a bit easier to roll out via a GPO.


Fantastic! Thanks guys, that helped a lot. I hope you don't mind the points split. A bit more info from QEMS, but happy with both and not wanting to upset:)

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