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I need to move Blackberry users from one BES to another and was wondering the best way to do it? Here is the setup. Company A is located in London and I have Company B, splitting away from Company A. I have a new AD Forest for Company B but a cross forest trust is in place to migrate users and exchange mailboxes. Some of these users have blackberry's and there is a BES Server is Company A. I have a brand new BES server is Company B and need to migrate uses from A to B.  I know i have to wipe the device but how can i move Blackberry users with minimum impact? is there a tool to move users (configuration/activation) to the new server? Is there a step by step documentation to help me do that?
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If the two companies are in the same blackberry domain then, depending on the version of BES you have, you can use BlackBerry Enterprise Transporter to move users with minimum fuss (you generally won't need to wipe and activate them).

This only works if:
a) they're in the same blackberry domain
b) the target BES environment you're moving to is version 5.0 OR 4.1 IF the database/BES has no existing users.

If they're in separate blackberry domains then you'll just have to delete them from the BES, move the mailbox, re-add them to the BES, wipe their devices, and re-activate.


Thanks for your answer

the old BES and exchange 2003 (organisation "old") are on one forest/domain. The new BES and exchange 2007 (organisation "new") are on new forest/domain.

if i understand:
1) delete users from BES
2) move mailbox
3) add users to new BES
4) wipe users devices
5) re-activate device

if I follow they 's steps, is that the old mail data, contacts, calendar will be present once the users will be migrated?

That's the right process.
Unfortunately you won't get all their old email, only as far back as you set it on the BES (7days or 200 emails default I think, whichever comes first).

A mailbox migration in itself doesn't normally require a wipe and reactivation; however you're also moving between blackberry domains and as a result blackberry user data cannot be transferred across easily without the potential for duplication of data.

You *could* try just moving the user's mailbox across and then re-activating; however because the service books would be different, every user will end up with duplicate emails, calendar and contact entries, as the BES would see the new data as a new service and send down additional service books. It's frustrating for users and can cause a headache for support as often users will add new contacts to their "old" contacts database and it doesn't get backed up!

Even a backup and restore via desktop manager of emails can be dangerous as users may end up with duplicates, and their old/restored emails won't be able to be forwarded, replied to or "more'd".

If access to older emails is important, consider using the remote search function on the device (under messages, go to search, then at the top choose remote). This allows a user to search their entire inbox (online only, no PST) and subfolders, and either download it to their device, or reply/forward etc.
note: this only works for BES 4.1.5+ and handheld 4.5+

Hope that helps.

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