How to send a Massege from Server to Every Clinent Note at a Time

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I have formed a Local Area Network at my office with 25 PCs including one machine act as Server and I have installed windows server 2003 OS on this machine; remaining 24 nodes act as client notes for a server.

I am System Administrator and some times I want to restart my server but the problem is every body is accessing data from my server and they are connected to server. In this case it is difficult to inform them that the server is going to restart. Is there any facility at server 2003 which is allow me to send a pop up message to every node at a time like 'server is going to be restart so save your work' and after restarting I can send a message like 'server is online'

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You ould use net send command but you may find the messenger service is disabled on your clients but still worth checking:

Netsend is the easiest option, like demazter said the messenger service might be disabled so u will have to manually go to all 25 pc's enable the service to start automatically at least once. when u have done that check it by sending a test msg. should make life alot easier.
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Or you could use a group policy to enable the service.

Create or Edit an Existing Group Policy navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > System Services find the Service called Messenger and set it to enable.  This is of course assuming you are using Active Directory?

@jdhuyzer > Thank you for repeating my post.
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The Messenger Service is deprecated and not included anymore since Vista; it has been replaced by msg.exe since XP.
msg.exe * /server:SomeMachine "Server will be rebooted"
Details with "msg.exe /?"
For a more convenient solution, save the script below as Broadcast.cmd.
Create a file "Broadcast.ini" with a list of machine names to which you want to send the message in the same folder.
Optional: Create a file "Broadcast.txt" with a text message to send.
Then send a message using the following command:
broadcast.cmd "Server will be rebooted"
More complex messages (including line breaks) can be done by saving the message in a text file "Broadcast.txt", and then simply running the script without arguments:

@echo off
set MachineFile=%~dpn0.ini
set MessageFile=%~dpn0.txt
if not "%~1"=="" (
  set MessageFile=%~dpn0.tmp
  >"%~dpn0.tmp" echo %~1
for /f %%a in ('type "%MachineFile%"') do (
  ping -n 1 %%~a | find /i "TTL" >NUL
  if errorlevel 1 (
    echo %%a: not responding
  ) else (
    echo %%a: sending message ...
    msg * /server:%%a <"%MessageFile%"

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Hey!!! This is nice solution. Thank you boss.

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