No computers are available message in Remote Web Workplace SBS 2008 STD

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When I log into the RWW with any "Standard" user account the Connect to a computer windows shows "No computers are available".  This works fine under the domain admin account, I am able to see all networked workstations.  Also, if I add a standard account to the domain admin account it also works, I am able to see all networked workstations.

The TS CAP says that "Windows SBS REmote Web Workplace Users" are allowed to connect to the TS Gateway server.  The TS RAP says that "Windows SBS REmote Web Workplace Users" are the associated user group and they can connect to a TS Gateway-managed group that I created with the netbios names of the workstations I want to allow access to.

I cannot figure out what is going on.  I have installed the certificate and again it works fine if the user is a member of "Domain Admins".  

Help is not only appericated, but I am begging for it!   :)

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Ok, solved it... This is what i get when i try to work on less than 4 hours sleep... I'm getting toooo old for this sh*t, Griggs.


Solution was to go into the SBS Console, Network Tab, Comptuers Tab, open the properties for the Computer, click User access, and allow the user remote access to the computer - Check the "Can log on remotely to this computer" check box.

thanks anyway everyone!
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