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I have an ACER Aspire 3000 with a HannStar J MV-1 which was given to me after the HD failed.  I have a new HD but cannot get to the BIOS to made changes.  The persion who gave me the pc does not remember the password.  Is there any why to reset the password.  I have tried taking the main battery out over night and the back door password of BIOS/CMOD/phonenix/PHONENIX.
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modern laptops keep the password in a security chip
you need to know the password, or have the manufacturer help you reset it - after showing proof of ownership

I think u have to contoact with the service or reseller because u can't reset the bios at home for a modern notebook.

if u have the papers for the book, which sad the notebook is your legal property, the service can reset the  password.

Have you tried the "standard" which is "000000" ?

If this doesn't work i would try calling Acer.

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