Need to kill an application that is auto starting on Windows CE 5.0

I have a Motorola MC9090 device and it runs Windows CE 5.0.  I need and small application that I can run from a batch file that will kill another application (BTExplorerMenu.exe) silently.  The BTExplorerMenu.exe app auto starts when the gun is cold booted.   Because I can not recompile the OS the BTExplorerMenu.exe will always return on a cold boot.  I am sure there is more then one way to skin this cat however, this is the solution I am looking for.
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Windows CE autostarts anything in the NORFLASH/startup folder by default, have you checked this folder for ther BTExplorerMenu options?

If that does not work, you might need command line access, and to get the PID from the ps command. This PID can then be called to "kill" the thread
KelloggMarineAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.  However, I do know this.  Deleting the startup shortcut is only a temporary fix because when the gun is cold booted, the shortcut gets returned to the startup folder from the O/S load.  I don't want to muddy up the problem by stating why this is.  I'll tell you but I know the only solution here is to get an small application that I can run and silently kill the another app called BTExplorerMenu.exe automatically.

Basically the Motorola MC9090 gun gets loaded by HEX files.  I have one for the Partition Table, Monitor, O/S and Applications.  A few more but that isn't important either.  The only HEX file I can manager, edit and re-create is the application hex file.  I do not have the files that make up the O/S hex file.  This was supplied by Motorola.  Otherwise I could simply remove the shortcut to BTExplorerMenu.exe from the startup and recompile the O/S file.  Since the O/S obviously loads before the applications I need to be reactive instead of proactive.  There is a startup directory in the application file too.  From that I do delete the startup shortcut to BTExplorerMenu.exe but that is only half the problem because the BTExplorerMenu.exe application is already running.  So what I would like to do is from the application startup I would like to have a batch file the deletes a shortcut and kills the BTExplorerMenu.exe app.  Deleting the shortcut was easy, killing and app is proving to be a task.  I hope that's not TMI.

Sorry for my first comment, I had not fully understood the problem, and I didn't realise you didn't have full control over the OS.

Do you have command line access? If so you should be able to kill the program with the "ps" command. You could wrap the commands into a batch quite easily.
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KelloggMarineAuthor Commented:
I am not familiar with the "PS" command.  I also cannot find a PS.exe.  Please tell me more.
KelloggMarineAuthor Commented:
Do you mean the Process Explorer for CE?  The app that you can download?  If so I have tried that and it can kill the BTExplorerMenu.exe from GUI but, I need to run automatically from a command line.  Does PE do that and if, how?
It appears ps.exe is not found on all builds.

You could make one yourself, if you are comfortable with C++, using the following:

This article is for making a GUI application, but the functions could be used for what you need. You could then call the created exe with a batch file.

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KelloggMarineAuthor Commented:
I can program C++ but I really don't have the time to install a compiler and then test code.  I was hoping to find something prebuilt.
KelloggMarineAuthor Commented:
Also, I found my own solution to my problem.  Turns out the BTExplorer stuff resides in the Platform HEX file and not the O/S as I originally thought.  So I was simply able to build a new Platform HEX file without the BTExplorer stuff.

While, I have solved my own problem, kingy0489 has come the closet to solving my original question.  During my research for an answer to my problem (before I turned to EX) I did also come across a C++ type solutions as kingy0489 had found.  However, I still was never able to find a prebuild app that could run from command line.  This would be the true answer to my original question.  I'll wait a few days before closing this out and if I get no replies I'll give it to kingy0489.  Thanks.
KelloggMarineAuthor Commented:
I never was able to find an pre-build app.  Compiling the C++ code should work though but I never did test.
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