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How to set up a VPN?

Last Modified: 2012-05-08
Hi All

Never dabbled with VPNs before (to my shame, never had the time/chance to fiddle even though I spend my days working on recalcitrant desktops) and could do with some help in getting one set up as simply as possible.

The Office has several machines all networked and one is a standalone file server (XP Pro). Nothing fancy, just some folders shared to the network.

The router is a Netgear DG834G with a static IP.

I just want a laptop user out on the road (using a mobile broadband dongle) to get access to the shared drives as easily & simply as possible. How? Does the VPN have to be straight through to the file server (I.e, have that waiting for incoming connections) or is it possible to connect to the network at the router & just see the network as if the laptop were plugged into the router in the office?

There's a VPN wizard in the router, I've tried setting that up with a username & password but when I tried to set up a VPN connection from another PC (XP - on a different broadband connection) using those details, it refused to connect (error 800).

Do I also need to set up port forwarding in the router I wonder? Although I was expecting the VPN Wizard to do all that.

Anyone fancy doing a idiots guide?

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You could also use a 3rd party solution that requires no router configuration:
Many thanks for the input. Need to rig up some dummies & do some fiddling I think. I just need the time! :)

Turned out they were happy to use a remote control (Logmein) rather than a VPN.

I set up the XP end machine as a VPN server & forwarded the ports but it still failed when trying to authenticate username & password.
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