Event ID 11708 Source MsiInstaller

cstephen100 used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,
I have a pc, whom wont install anythint thats seems to start a service.
Event ID 11708 Source MsiInstaller
i get the above event id.
I found a couple of goole links, but they didnt help, i ran a windows repair also.
I am very tempted to reformat pc.
Just wondering if anyone had simlar issue?
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1-Have you tried windows installer cleanup utility

2-Run sfc /purgecache followed by sfc /scannow

3-Windows installer 4.5

Have you also temporarly disabled any anti-virus/malware products + firewalls and try an install?
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cstephen100--Look into Event Viewer (Start|Administrative Tools|Event Viewer). Click on "System" in the left panel. Do you see RedBall error icon(s) timestamped at the exact time the problem occurred?   If so, click on the RedBall. The first message will have some data on what the problem is, but usually it is not too easy to understand. Click the blue go.microsoft.com link.  On the next window click the link to send a report to Microsoft.    Another window should open (though it may take some time for the information in the right panel to appear) which may offer some more understandable info and maybe even a solution.
And perhaps of help (create an MSInstaller log)

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