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Clear listbox selection

Last Modified: 2013-11-07
I have a list box and when I populate it, the first choice is auto selected.  How can I populate the list box, but not have anything selected forcing the user to make the selection?
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ListBox? in ASP.net?

Nothing gets selected by default.

But still u get some selected, u can use ListBox1.ClearSelection()


Im using visual basic, but when I populate the list box from an array, the first selection is highlighted.  I dont want this to happen because that causes another process to happen.
Dint this work?



Nope, that will clear the selection I am on, but then will default back to the first selection in the listbox.  I was hoping to not have anything selected until the user clicks on it.
can u post ur code and the aspx of the listbox
Anurag ThakurTechnical Manager

use the selectedindex property of list box and set it to -1 to clear the selection even the default one too
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oooppss.. haven't able to read what ragi0017 posted.

Well, ragi mentioned setting the SelectedIndex = -1  first.

Sorry bro...
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