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Power on Password

Maurice6627 asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-17
My client's kid put a power on password, but now he forgot about it and he cannot log into the computer or the BIOS.
I was reading some articles online and tried some back door passwords, but that did not work.

I understand that if the CMOS is removed from the laptop the passwords should be removed.

Is this true?  If yes, does anyone know the exact location of the CMOS battery?
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Laptop are harder to do. Most of the time the battery is under the keyboard but it could be some where else. Also some of them have a cmos clear switch.

most laptops dont have a removable cmos;

remove the power plug and the battery then hold the power button down for 20-60 seconds; restore the battery and power and you should be good to go;

unfortuanly this will also wipe out any customizations you have in the bios... but 99% of the time defaults work perfectly on laptops. If you boot it after and windows bluescreens with 0x0000007e, then you need to go into the bios and change your ahci mode to ide or sata for your hard drive.

and why is this in outlook groupware software?


I guess I forgot to remove outlook from this question.

Not sure how to remove it since it will not let me edit the question.

maybe an administrator can remove it later.

I will try the solutions above and see if they work.

Sounds like it might be the Security Password. If yes, then about the only way to clear it, is to call the manufacturer, prove you (they) own the laptop, and have them give you a Master Unlock code for that system.
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on modern laptops you can't remove the password : -anti-theft !
a password is meant to be known, not forgotten !!
you need to contact compaq, show proof of ownership - and they can help ; but not free!
the pasword is kept in a security chip, so removing battery or resetting bios does not work !
This one is on us!
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Are you 100% sure that this is not a MASTER or USER password to unlock the disk drive?   If it is a disk drive password, then you'll need to run some software that does a brute force unlock ...

Now the problem with that, is to choose the software wisely, the disk will easily let you remove the password, but in the process it wipes the disk clean.

So you need to find software that does brute force unlock by trying billions of combinations over the next week or two or three.  Or you can go to a data recovery firm and pay them $100+.

Anyway, hoping it is not a disk lock, but throwing this info in the mix just in case.

Hi There

i am laptop expert and i know how laptops are sensitive. there is way to resolve this issue for that you need to open your laptop. but i am not recommending, If you try to open it, the case will become more worse, so my suggestion to you take assistence from authorize service provider and don't take any risk.

Below link is having a clear instruction from HP:



Thank you
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did it work?   jsut curious..


BTW, the password was for the HDD and not power on password.
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strange that replacing the battery cured it then...
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