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Need to Validate data in SQL Server Database...should I use a trigger

Last Modified: 2012-05-08

I have a Product table containing columns:

If there are multiple products with the same BrandID, TypeID, StyleID and ProductName one and only one of the records needs to have IsFeatured set to 1.  How can I enforce this at the DB level?

I am thinking that I will need to create seperate Insert, Update and Delete triggers on the table to validate the modification.  If the modification results in more-than-one or less-than-one product record having the same BrandID, TypeID, StyleID and ProductName fields with the IsFeatured column selected rollback the change.  

This is a SQL Server 2000 database.

Any advice greatly appreciated!
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You can not in the manner you outlined.
You could by separating the isfeatured from the product table and creating a isfeatured relationship table
productID (ID from the product table)

Can two brands have the same TypeID, styleid?
I.e. if I have a styleID can I get a unique brand,type?

Using unique index on the product table with brandid,typeid,styleid will prevent duplicate entries.

Without seeing an example of the data, it is hard to say
you could use a
brand table -> type table -> style table
each brand can have multiple types
each type can have multiple styles.


Yes, everything can be the same except the ID and IsFetured columns.

So you can have data as follows:

ID, BrandID, TypeID, StyleID, ProductName, IsFeatured
1         1           1            1            Name1            0
2         1           1            1            Name1            0
3         1           1            1            Name1            1
4         1           1            1            Name1            0
5         1           1            1            Name1            0

So because the above records all share the same values for everything other than there PK one (and only one) of them should have a 1 in the IsFeatured column.

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We have many other fields in the table which I due to other applications using it I have limited ability to change.

i have not received other responses so will rephrase th question with more detail.  Thank you for your help.
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