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Likert scale whats the formula

Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I have created a questionnaire and asked for their opinion using the 5 point likert scale. the scales are "Strongly Agree - Agree - Neutral -Disagree -Strongly disagree
What would be the best and easiest way to interpret the data  
Thanks a lot for your time!
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not sure I understand,  I want to analyse data from a liketr scale ???  
Here's an overview, but it depends on the nature of your data.  I have written analysis programs for this kind of survey gor clients, but with the questions grouped into categories to measure positiveness or negativeness for that particular category.



sorry still dont get it

Lets say I have 10 people responded and I want to put it into a bar chart in excel how do I do this

Do I scale strongly disagree 1
disagree 2
neutral 3
agree 4
strongly agree 5

then what from here if i plot it out so that question 1 one persons says agree and one says strogly disagree then the score for question 1 is 5 so question 1 scores 5

Is tht it as it seems wrong as a response of strongle agee also scores 5


This one is on us!
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