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Make a VPN connection C#

Tomasz Czyz
Tomasz Czyz asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-08
My application needs to get some data from a database on a server that only can be accessed through VPN. I have a website that do the same but the website doesn't need VPN because it can access the database local.

I thought to set up a VPN connection using C# so i can access the database. The only other way i see that maybe is possible to set up some connection to my website and go through that to the database.

The VPN i'm using now is a Cisco VPN connection.
I need to fill in this:

Hostname: xxx
(using group authentication)
Name: xxx
Password: xxx
Confirm Password: xxx

Then i need to fill in my personal username and password.

Username: xxx
Password: xxx

Do you have examples of a C# VPN connection or some other ideas?
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I don't think that programmaticaly  establishing a VPN connection is what you are looking for.  (This sounds like it would be a big hole in your network security).  Also,  I don't think that there is an API or library for establishing a VPN connection to a Cisco VPN server, and you would need to automate the process using the cisco client tools which would be challenging.

I would recommend creating web services (that can be ssl encrypted if you are passing sensitive information) for your c# application to access the data it needs over the internet.

You should read up on web services and n-tier architecture for ideas on how to implement an application that accesses a database behind a firewall.  
Tomasz CzyzSystem Administrator


I agree that it looks like a security hole, but that was the only option i saw. The information is not very sensitive, but i am very interested in the web services that you are talking about.

Do you have a (some) links with examples and descriptions how to make this.
This one is on us!
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Tomasz CzyzSystem Administrator


Thanks for the examples.

It looks difficult, and the only thing i want is to have a connection to the database and send it some SELECT and WHERE commands. Are you sure this is the best and easiest way to do this?

Maybe i should open a new Topic about web services and databases?
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