How do i retrieve permissions os a Sybase object?

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I am trying to get list of permissions on a stored procedure, say, in syabase.
I wanted to use SQL query t retrieve the permissions list.
Can I get some help on this please?
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The information is stored in sysprotects system table.

I wrote a procedure to generate grant or revoke commands for given object some time ago. It works for ASE 12.5, I'm not 100% sure about ASE 15.
create procedure sp_ddl_obj_rights
    @obj_id int
  declare @obj_name varchar(30),
    @action tinyint,
    @user_name varchar(30),
    @protecttype tinyint,
    @action_name varchar(30),
    @text varchar(255) 
  declare cr cursor for
      from dbo.sysobjects o,dbo.sysprotects p, dbo.sysusers u
          and p.uid=u.uid
    for read only 
  open cr
  fetch cr into @obj_name,@action,@user_name,@protecttype
  while @@sqlstatus=0
    select @text=case
        when @protecttype=0 then "GRANT %1! ON %2! TO %3! WITH GRANT OPTION"
        when @protecttype=1 then "GRANT %1! ON %2! TO %3!"
        when @protecttype=2 then "REVOKE %1! ON %2! FROM %3!"
          when @action=167 then "SET PROXY"
          when @action=193 then "SELECT"
          when @action=195 then "INSERT"
          when @action=196 then "DELETE"
          when @action=197 then "UPDATE"
          when @action=224 then "EXECUTE"
          when @action=151 then "REFERENCES"
          when @action=203 then "CREATE DATABASE"
          when @action=233 then "CREATE DEFAULT"
          when @action=222 then "CREATE PROCEDURE"
          when @action=236 then "CREATE RULE"
          when @action=198 then "CREATE TABLE"
          when @action=207 then "CREATE VIEW"
          when @action=228 then "DUMP DATABASE"
          when @action=235 then "DUMP TRANSACTION"
    print @text,@action_name,@obj_name,@user_name
    print "GO"
    fetch cr into @obj_name,@action,@user_name,@protecttype
  close cr
  deallocate cursor cr 


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This query will give you all the details realted to stored procedure .
Select routine_name,* from information_schema.routines

THis is the query which will give you the name of procedure whose permission is set.....

select,, permission_name, state, state_desc from sys.database_permissions p
inner join sys.all_objects o on p.major_id = o.object_id
inner join sys.database_principals u on p.grantee_principal_id = u.principal_id
where o.type='p'
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I have tried Jan_Franek 's solution. But i am not able to even run that stored procedure in my analyzer. It is giving me the errors. So how can that solution be accepted.

I have tried my query and searched a lot about it and giving me the correct result.
Hi roma2208,

it seems like you are on MS SQL server. Author says, he's on Sybase ASE 12.5. My procedure works on that server. Your query doesn't - there are no tables named all_objects or database_principals on Sybase ASE server.

So I object too - all points should go to me :-)



Thank you very much Franek

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