Sell through %

If i have calculated the correct sell through %
How to i total the sell through % for the group total and Grand total?

If im doing a Crystal report and have my sellthrough {@SELLTHROUGH} feild, I have tried doing a summary on this feild using "AVERAGE" but it seems this doesn't include any products that have a 0.00%


20.00 %
40.00 %
00.00 %
50.00 %

the summary using the AVERAGE function gives me

27.50 % instead of
22.00 %

Am i going the wrong way about this ?
How do i get the right summary for Group and Grand totals?
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Meir RivkinFull stack Software EngineerCommented:
how did u apply Average in your code?
can u post the relevant code here?
is seems to me that 110/4 = 27.5

is that not the average?

Where do you get 22 which would have 5 values?
kingjelyAuthor Commented:
Wrong button, its all good, i got it now, thanks for the replys
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