How do I prevent my laptop screen going dark after about 10 minutes

Windows XP SP3 on Fujitsu T3010D laptop.

I am running an application to play a slide show and now have to press a key periodically to prevent the screen from going dark in the middle of the show.  I'm using a projector and both the laptop and clone projector go dark at the same time.  I'm not always at the laptop and frequently when I return it has gone dark.

I want the show to keep playing without having to press the key

I have no screen saver and have adjusted all of the power and display settings I can find to prevent the screen from going dark

Your help very much appreciated.
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Right click on your desktop, Choose Properties, then chose screensaver, at the bottom there is a button for changing the Power options...

There you can define, when the screen is turned off, and when you want your harddrive to turn off...

Does this help you ?
You can also find the power management ind the control panel..

try it out, there are multiple setting and options, you need to change those to suite your needs..!
This comes down to power options (not screensaver):
Disable 'turn off monitor' option ...
parent55Author Commented:
You pointed me in the right direction.  However it turns out that I DID have a screen saver activating after 7 minutes, named "blank".  One of the standard options.  I thought I did not, but you took me back to look again and I realized my mistake.  It should have been set to "none".

Thank you for the quick help.  Much appreciated, even when I get a bit of egg on my face :-)
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