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Combo box with Multiple Value Member in Vb.net Win Form

Hi Experts,
I have the below codes to populate a combo box and getting Value Member as Vend_cd after combo box selected index change. My problem is a want two values as a Value Member, as i know combo box have single display member and value member. I also know i can conconate two columns and can used as a display member or may be as value member too.

I want to get unit alongwith vend_cd after combobox selected index change event.
How can i do this. Please advise.

     Dim dataset As New DataSet
      Dim adapter As New SqlDataAdapter()
      adapter.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand("select distinct vend_item.vend_Cd,vend_item.Unit,vendor.vend_name from vend_item inner join vendor on vend_item.vend_cd=vendor.vend_Cd where vend_item.item_cd in (" + selectedVendor.ToString + ")", myconn)
  If myconn.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then myconn.Open()
   CmbVendor.DataSource = dataset.Tables(0)
    CmbVendor.DisplayMember = "Vend_name"
     CmbVendor.ValueMember = "Vend_cd"

Bm Keshav
1 Solution
use for loop for and append the required string and add items

like cmb.items.add ..
ROMA CHAUHANProject LeadCommented:
You can get both the columns in a single combined column from sql query itself and use that combined column as value member.
select distinct vend_item.vend_Cd + ','+ vend_item.Unit,vendor.vend_name from vend_item inner join vendor on vend_item.vend_cd=vendor.vend_Cd where vend_item.item_cd in (" + selectedVendor.ToString + ")"
Trideep PatelCommented:
you can fetch ValueMember by selected value
for fetch other value you have to make your that DataSet available to whole form
i mean declare it as a global for that form

and in selectedindexchange you can find that field like atteched code

Private Sub ComboBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ComboBox1.SelectedIndexChanged
    If ComboBox1.SelectedIndex >= 0 Then
    End If
  End Sub

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@ trideep:
You are near about to the solution,  but i will check your code, tomorrow, b/c its, 5:47 PM and its time to leave for the day here in India.
Pl.Also clarify how can i make dataset global in complete form as advised you.

Bm keshav
Trideep PatelCommented:
Globle to form means
you have to declare it as a form level insted of declare it in any method or function
so it can be access from selectionchange event
Thanks for your support.

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