No restore points available in VMware Data Recovery

We use VMware Data Recovery for Backup of VMs. We have 4 VM inside the backup job. 3 are fine, but one never got a restore point. If we try to restore, message "No restore point available" comes up. When start manual backup, it starts, makes snapshot, copys something and deletes resotre point, but in the restore wizard we never get the restore point on this vm.

Allready tried:
Creating new Backup job
Backup: "Bring to compliance"
Destination: "Integrity Check"
VMWare Data Recovery: Reboot
Recatalog after reboot

We get no errormessage in the reports.
Reports tell us that all Backup Jobs (including the VM with the problem) are fine.

Hope that there is someone which can help
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cositollcAuthor Commented:
Problem was that VMWare Data Recovery can only make Backups of Harddisks which are able to make snapshots. Setting up harddisks like this way let Data Recovery make the Backups without problems
What version of VDR are you using? My experience in testing it, was that it was incredibly buggy, and I wouldn't trust my backups to be handled by it, until they came out with version 3!!
They have however released a new update (version 1.1) three weeks ago ... give that a shot?
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