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Administrator rights

I have 3 Servers
2 x 2008 both DC's
1 x 2003, Joined as a pc to the domain. ( for BESX )

I am having problems installing BEX express, get to the sql install section and stops with error message saying cant install due to admin rights. Cant remember the exact message
I have made a user called BESadmin and granted admin rights to the domain. i have added as admin it to the 2003 box. When i log on to the bes server as BESadmin i do not get the admin tools, but if i log on as administrator i do. I have followed several posts on here as to how to add user's to admin groups on a local pc but still not working.
Any ideas, routes to follow.
I have not ran DCpromo on the 2003 box as didnt think it was req. am i right in my thinking.

Feel stupid as stuck on such a small issue.

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1 Solution
Batuhan CetinCommented:
DCPROMO is only required if you want to make that PC a domain controller, which is not the case in your problem.

You are getting the error in the SQL section, so it's something to do with SQL permissions, not Windows. Did you add you create a login for your domain\BESadmin user in the SQL server and granted it the necessary rights? If not do so and try again. First create a login for that user and add the user to sysadmin group in SQL server. This should solve the permission problem.

Another problem you may face is a port problem. Make sure you allowed SQL ports between the SQL server and the BES server.

Please update as you progress
martin2123Author Commented:
Thank you
I am running sql express, so downloaded SQL studio express and gave BESadmin sysadmin rights as suggested, But that still does tell me why BESadmin as a user does not get Admin tools in the start menu which i think is relavent as BESadmin does not seem to have correct rights on the 2003 server
Batuhan CetinCommented:
Admin tools in the start menu is a customizable option. This option is turned on in the default administrator account profile, but not in the new users defined. Making a user a part of a group does not customize its personal preferences like toolbars, start menu items..etc. If you want you can push these settings to the specific group with a policy from your DC so every user you created in that group will have those settings.

You can add administrative tools to start menu by;
1. Right click taskbar
2. Click Properties
3. Click Start Menu tab
4. Click Customize
5. Click Advanced tab
6. Scroll down in the Start Menu Items box and find System Administrative Tools
7. Click "Display on the All Programs menu and the Start menu"
8. Click OK and you're done
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martin2123Author Commented:
Ahhh,, feel a bit dumb now,,,Thanks

Am running BES setup again, will post results asap

martin2123Author Commented:
Ok got this far any clues or do i need to transfer to the Blackberry sections please see inc screen shot of error message.
Batuhan CetinCommented:
Now there are many things we may check here.

Is the SQL server installed on the same machine you're installing BES?
Is your SQL server configured to use Mixed or Windows authentication?
Did you install it with "default" instance or a named instance?
Can you double check ADUC from your DC if your BESadmin account is in the Domain Administrators group?
Also add your BESadmin account to the local admin group of the server you're installing BES to.

Login to your SQL server using studio express. Go to Security -> Logins. Double click domainname\BESadmin account you created (did you?) Go to server roles tab and make sure "public" and "sysadmin" is selected. Click OK and go to Security -> Server roles. Click sysadmin and check if your BESadmin account is in the list.
martin2123Author Commented:
SQL is on the same machine
Windows Authentication
The install was doan as part of the BES setup prog, i'm guesing they used a named instance
BESadmins is a member of Administartors, Domain Admins, Domain computers, exchange View Only administrator. (overkill, me thinks)
Already added

All was already done, But i checked the server roles and BESadmin was not in the list, i have added and ran setup again.
Still get the same error message
Batuhan CetinCommented:
>>BESadmins is a member of Administartors, Domain Admins, Domain computers, exchange View Only administrator. (overkill, me thinks)
Wow, you added a user account to computers group? That's definitely overkill :) These permissions may have messed up, so it would be a solution to delete all permissions for that account including SQL accounts and recreate the user and the permissions.

I'm out of ideas why this is happening. While waiting your feedback, I installed that software to a demo machine in my lab environment and didn't have any problems. It configured the account permissons itself.

I don't know how appropriate this is for you and your company security policy but if you wish I shall connect remotely to your server with TeamViewer or another application that shares the same console. So you can see what I am doing. That way I can make a quick check of your environment and do a clean setup for you.
 Of course this is only an option to solve the problem more quickly, if you don't want it, I will continue helping you within this topic :)

I will be investigating about this problem, by the way can you check the server eventlog for any problems regarding BES setup or SQL server? Also can you send screenshots of your SQL permissions screens in a zip file so I can see what you have done?
martin2123Author Commented:
i removed all software again and reloaded. still get same error. Checke event log and it says reason cant complete sql is because the name already exists. so in the setup screen in BES i renamed the database and hey presto all works fine.

Thank you for your help, even if we didnt track it in the forum you made me look into the event log ( should have done that first, dooo)
martin2123Author Commented:
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