How do I unit test web pages/sites in Visual Studio 2008?

I am a newbie to automated unit tests. We develop web stuff in VB using Visual Studio 2008. I have recently become convinced of the benefits of Test Driven Development and so would like to learn how to do this. I am aware that NUnit is an option but it would seem more sensible to use the stuff built into VS. I understand how to target unit tests at classes in *.vb files but I can't find any info anywhere as to how to target tests at web pages and their code behind (aside from using 'macro' records like Selenium). The best I have found is but this doesn't really get me very far.
Can anyone give me solid examples or point me at a tutorial?
In the first instance I would like to create a unit test to fail, then create a simple aspx web page with, say, a button and some code behind, and instantiate this into the unit test to then pass the test.
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Please take a look at the following link.

Unit Testing ASP.Net Applications with Visual Studio 2008
Just a reminder. You need to have Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite or Test Edition to have the "test" menu appear in VS2008.
ddl_ex5Author Commented:
Exactly what I've been googling for for days!! Thanks.
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