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I have a wireless connection at home (OS - Vista Home Basic). Every time I shut down my machine, I have to disconnect it (just as a good practice). Can somebody help me in writing a script that will disconnect the connection (if it is still connected) before shutdown?? How to insert that script in shutdown path???

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amrensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go for the solution :


Just add the command to the shutdown script after you have identified your device hardware id.
Shutdown script in Group Policy gpedit.msc > computer configurations > windows settings > scripts
x-menIT super heroCommented:
Excuse me, but, after a operating system shutdown...what is there to disconect ?
milindsmAuthor Commented:
Just a good practice. There is possibility that session remains open at ISP side. I have faced this issue in the past. I'd to then call up ISP support and had to ask them to terminate all active sessions.
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x-menIT super heroCommented:
On the client side, if you right click the wireless addapter and chose disconnect, the session does not hang at the ISP?
milindsmAuthor Commented:
Not sure about this. But I have face such problem before. I forgot to disconnect before shutting down the OS. Next time when I logged in within say 20-30 minutes, I could not log on to network. I called up ISP support n that fellow told me that there are previous active sessions that need to be closed. He did that from his side n it worked. Not sure if it is ISPs problem..!!!
Here2HelpConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This script assumes it's a wireless connection you want to disconnect.

Copy and Paste the code into notepad.

To find your Wireless_Connection_Name type ncpa.cpl into the vista search box.

Write down the name of your connection exactly then replace Wireless_Connection_Name in the script with your wireless connection name.

Save the code as a batch file by saving the file as Shutdown.bat

Double click Shutdown.bat to disconnect and shutdown.

::Disconnect and Shutdown the system
netsh wlan disconnect interface="Wireless_Connection_Name"
shutdown /s /p /f

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