What does the "desc" do at the end of this sql statement

Howdy all,

Confused...  I have a view in SQL that orders my outbound call pot.  It was created for me by the software vendor.  Does anyone know what the "desc" does to the following:

ORDER BY dbo.Activity.IPCMPriority DESC, Start_date DESC, Start_Time

When I add a sort on a field it doesnt add it to the field name??

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tigin44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it orders the result set in descending order... default is asc meaning ascending.
SmartinAuthor Commented:
DOH!!!!!  Think before speak  :)
ORDER BY dbo.Activity.IPCMPriority DESC, Start_date DESC, Start_Time

here in your example your result set is sorted from bigger value to the smaller value for the IPCMPriority column then sorted by the  Start_date from the newer date to the oldest date ...
ORDER BY would sort it ASC, DESC depending on what you specify. Default would be ASC.
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